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Holistic CitiZen Retreat- May 24-26, 2019. Stayner, Ontario, Canada.


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Hello, soul family!

Are you looking for a place to get away, make long lasting soul connections, learn about holistic healthy ways of living you can apply to your daily life, and have the best time ever?!

You have come to the right place!

What this retreat features:

  • 3 day 2 night stay in a beautiful home set in cute and cozy chic quarters with lots of land to have fun and play!

  • Nature immersion

  • Morning and evening yoga classes

  • Guided meditation, breath of fire and energy healing

  • Workshops- personal development, vision setting, self empowerment, holistic remedies and more.

  • Full consciously created plant based meals to heal, revitalize and nourish you + recipes to take home with you

  • Integrative cooking experience

  • Animal therapy

  • Water therapy

  • Holistic care package

  • Unconditional LOVE & SUPPORT

Please sign up below to get on the list. Your spot will not be guaranteed until payment is made. Please contact me if you have any questions.


The energy exchange value of this retreat is $333

  • If you are paying by credit card or PayPal, you can pay via the Eventbrite link below. However, there is a $12 fee

  • If you would like to pay by debit card/ e transfer, you can email me at which will waive the fee.

Love & Light


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Here are testimonials from the incredible September sisterhood retreat I co-organized


The retreat provided me with the right tools for self respect and self love, it taught me to let go and believe in myself and my own power and I’ve learned that love is truly unconditional.

Your schedules were on point , all the exercises , the food was amazing and the entire vibe between everyone is unforgettable

Honestly it could’ve not been more perfect you guys did a fantastic job and went above and beyond for us. Thank you my sisters


This retreat provided me the opportunity to be in a beautiful vibrant place and space surrounded by compassionate womyn. I was able to re-calibrate my healing, connect to the creator, rest, unlock creative blockages and share and learn about others. I am so incredibly blessed for the retreat, the opportunity to be in nature, play with the animals and be vulnerable with womyn who are on the same frequency.

The overall flow of the retreat was great. It did not feel overwhelming and we had the right amount of rest and activity. The space of the retreat was phenomenal. It would be nice if each retreat gave us an opportunity to connect/care for animals. I found it very therapeutic.  You should definitely keep the moon party! It was overall a really great retreat!

This retreat has restored my soul. The deep connection I have shared with females that I met in this retreat was unbelievable. It was full of love.
The organizers did a great job incorporating nature, self love mantras, meditation, soulful food and some fun activities.
Also, this retreat has made me reexamine my relationship with myself and with others. The way we interact with others is a clear indication to how we feel about ourselves.

It was well planned out, and really did not feel like this was the first retreat for the organizers.
The practices that you have us do were something that we can use in our daily life. But most of all the surprises you had for us were amazing. I was always looking forward to the next thing you had in store for us.


Answers, fulfillment, insight, soul sisters, connections for life. This retreat helped me realize that I built this huge wall around myself and I am afraid to let other people in. My walls were built to protect myself but realizing now it's only hurting me even more. I am working now to break down these walls and not be afraid to be vulnerable.

I love that we all cooked together. The affirmations and moon ceremony were beautiful!

I loved all the activities individually and I think that it all flowed so well and smoothly!

Honestly, everything was perfect and A1. I wouldn't change a thing. I love you my sisters!


I learned that love is everything. And to see the beauty in everything. To see myself in others. Truly Love myself first so I can love everyone around me.

Everything was amazing. Maybe make it a little longer.


I’ve learned about chakras; How to recognize when there is a blockage and the Crystals that can help unblock them. I’ve learned how to reconnect with my inner child through meditation, how to share openly with others and how to have a holistic approach to nutrition.

The sense of community worked out perfectly ! Each participant had an opportunity to share and contribute in a way to the retreat’s experience.

A deeper understanding of my current journey and reclaiming my focus on future desires and goals for.

I was well nourished! Not only by energy but an abundance of fruit and veggies. First retreat I didn't starve at! Haha. Everything was great.

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Copy of 2 Day Transformational Sisterhood Retreat
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Copy of 2 Day Transformational Sisterhood Retreat

HELLO! THIS RETREAT TOOK PLACE FROM SEP 21-23, 2018    Scroll down for details on the retreat.


Scroll down for details on the retreat.

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Here’s what our beautiful sisters said about the retreat:

Here’s what our beautiful sisters said about the retreat:

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**Space Limited**

Meet your soul sisters and retreat organizers

Kassandra Ra Love
Soul Natural

Annick Magbi
Lead Your Life

Ranim Talih
Holistic Ranim

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