Daily Affirmations to Heal Yourself

Affirmations are a great way to realign your mind and sense of self. With all the chaos and madness in life, we should take a moment each day to realign our thoughts, our energy and our focus. 

Affirmations are positive assertive statements that help you to overcome self destructive and negative thoughts. The key is to repeat them often, and truly believe in what you are affirming. With repetition and belief, you can start to make positive changes in your life.

Check out Dr. Masaru Emoto experiments on water and how words, music and the enviroment affect the crystal structure. Our words and thoughts are very powerful!

You could write out affirmations in your journal, online, or state them out loud. 

I personally do this first thing every morning, usually surrounded by nature, in order to fully immerse and ground myself.




I am safe and secure. I trust that the universe has my back and even in my darkest times, I will be taken care of.

I surrender to the moment and trust that everything happens for a reason. Whats meant to be mine will come to me. 

I let go of what no longer serves me, no matter how painful it is.

I honor my need to rest and recharge. I allow myself to say "no" to people and plans and to focus on my needs.

I listen to my body, to the small signals, and take care of it accordingly.

My body is strong. My body is healthy. My body is taking care of me. My mind is strong. My mind is healthy. My mind is taking care of me. My soul is strong. My soul is healthy. My soul is taking care of me. 

If you are experiencing a health issue in a certain area, focus on that particular area and send all your energy into it: My immune system is strong and will fight foreign invaders. I am strong. I will overcome this. My body is working hard at this very moment to combat this.

I am in control of my thoughts. I send intention to my body to help me heal. I have power within me to heal me. 

I say no to things that do not serve my best interests, and focus on things that maximize my health, well-being and happiness.

The struggles I am going through right now will pass. I feel the light open up within me and guide me to my highest self. I trust that everything will fall into place.

Main Image:Plant Life by  Clancy Cavnar

Second Image: obtained from Lifealth