Holistic Health Offerings

Holistic Nutritionist in the making, sharing my knowledge and practices along the way. The services I listed below will be available in the coming year.

Please feel free to contact me if you are seeking guidance. True fulfillment to me is seeing you live your best optimal life.



Holistic Services

My goal is to support you in developing and maintaining healthy habits through a spectrum of holistic practices

  • Preventative & healing protocols that address the root cause of health issues

  • Muscle testing

  • DIY workshops

  • Holistic Retreats

  • Energy work- Meditation, breath work & spiritual practices

  • An integration of holistic flow, yoga, & movement.

  • Herbal medicinal tinctures


Healthy Eating


  • Holistic Personal Shopping

  • Plant Based Guidance

  • Specialized Nutritional Meal Plans- shed some pounds/ gain muscle/ maintain goal weight

  • Detox Regimens

  • Cleanses- candida/ parasites/ liver/ kidney/ bowel

  • Anti Inflammatory Diet

  • Specialized preventative/ healing diet



Experiencing health issues? Want to take a different route from conventional western medicine? Shoot me an email. We can work things out with holistic natural groundwork