Rawsome Live Falafel Balls


Looking for an easy, satiating, well rounded snack? Check out these beautiful plantpowered falafel balls!

The original middle eastern recipe has been modified to make it more nutrient dense.

You can opt to bake in the oven, eat them raw as is, or dehydrate them for a few hours, all depending on your palate and the intention behind consuming them.



Sunflower seed

Flax seeds


Olive oil

Fresh parsley

Fresh cilantro

Dry marjoram or sage or thyme

Red onion


Fresh squeezed lemon juice


Cumin powder

Curry powder

Chilli powder

Sumac powder

Kelp salt

Sea salt

I haven’t added measurements because I go by taste and by serving size, but a general rule would be to add enough flax and sunflower to create a strong binding agent, usually 1/2 a cup at minimum.


  1. Soak the chickpeas over night or over two days to allow them to expand, and facilitate digestion. I usually use fresh raw chickpeas, soak them and them boil them really quickly until a little tender to bring out the taste.

  2. For raw falafels, soak the chickpeas for longer until they sprout, and use the sprouted chickpeas.

  3. Grind the sunflower and flax seeds in blender until they are powdered, then place them in a large bowl.

  4. In the food processor, process chickpeas, walnuts with olive oil until it is becomes a paste then add to the bowl.

  5. In the bowl, add the chopped herbs, onions, mashed garlic, lemon juice, tahini and all the spices.

  6. Mix ingredients well.

  7. Mold them into balls

Et voila!

You can now eat them raw, bake them (at a low temp for 10 minutes), or dehydrate them for 4-7 hours.

Bon Appetit


Health Benefits

Live enzymes.

Packed with protein & healthy fats (flax, walnuts, chickpeas & sunflower seeds, olive oil).

Detoxifying agents: onions & garlic

These balls provide you with energy, are easy to digest, keep you satiated for long and don’t make you feel bloated.