Thank you for helping detect & cure my UTI with your sublime holistic knowledge.
Loved the way you provided remedies for the physical as well as the mind & the spirit. For instance, mentioning specific intake of foods, drinks & supplements as well as treatments like meditating & releasing undesired emotions. The protocol was so abundant with cures that helped cleanse my bladder and heal my UTI and I can't thank you enough :)

- Janice Saba


Ranim is one of the most knowledgeable professionals who detects health issues very accurately, and recommends the best, least expensive & easy to implement remedies. Ranim also recommends diet change and lifestyle changes that are very beneficial to you in the long term. Ranim cares for everyone. Ranim is very honest, knowledgeable & resourceful. Ranim is one the best natural herbalist practitioner in Ontario.

- Anis Mulla


Ranim helped me to become healthier through different ways, for instance; she has encouraged me to eat organic food, meditate, breathe from my diaphragm,  eat more nuts, and have one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every morning, which helps your gastrointestinal tract. She has also supported me through other holistic health practices that improve your memory, sleep better and think positively.

- Nataly Tchamichian


Weight loss and obesity has been a challenge for me from a young age. I have  ever been at a healthy weight in my adult life and have, at many times, sought out help to improve my weight management. At the age of 30 I have tried many different crash diets, and exercise regimens often losing weight but eventually gaining it back. When I starting working with Ranim, she promoted a more sustainable lifestyle change. In the past, I've sought help from nutritionists that explained only calorie restriction but did not take fitness into account in any meaningful way. Personal trainers that I worked with were similar in the opposite direction. The approach that Ranim took to understand my dietary preferences and exercise routines has pushed me in the direction of a lifestyle change that I can sustain. She did not merely instruct me, but took the time to understand me and help me adjust my habits rather than try to radically change my habits in a way that I couldn't keep up. Even though my dietary preferences are very different from her own, as I prefer low carb diets and eat lots of meat, she was able to help guide me and give me the most useful advice. Also, when I decided to cleanse my system in the form of short fasts she was able to recommend teas and juices that made the experience much more effective than other fasts I have tried in the past. I have lost nearly 30 pounds in the past 6 months and my weight management and weight loss journey is well under way in the most effective and sustainable way that it has ever been, mostly due to the services provided by Ranim. I would recommend her services to anyone trying to sustain a healthy mind, body, or soul, over any other health care or fitness professional.

Nicolas Nicolaou

 Ranim is one of the few people that you will meet that has a true and burning passion for what she does. She lives and breathes holistic health and there is not a time you will encounter her without her giving you some advices on how to improve your health and lifestyle. She definitely has had a great positive impact in my life and opened me to healthier ways of living, even though at the time I was so convinced that I was pretty healthy already. It turned out that I could improve dramatically my quality of life ! With her advices, always given in a gentle manner, and seeing how she was herself applying them in her life, I started reducing my consumption of meat and eating mostly a vegetarian diet (which I never thought would happen, like ever !). Switching to a vegetarian diet has helped me to get leaner and fitter but also has increased my level of energy throughout the day. I feel lighter instead of bloated after my meals. In the past year, I also suffered chronic physical pains in my body which made daily living very uncomfortable and affected my mood. She recommended me the book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay and this book literally changed my life as it opened me to the fact that some mental causes can provoke physical illnesses and that these could be treated holistically and in a natural way by healing the mind. At the time, I had for months the symptoms of what seemed like Carpal Tunnel, and in the book I learned that Carpal Tunnel is caused by anger and frustration at life’s seemingly injustices. And it could not have been more accurate as to the way I was feeling and experiencing life at the time ! Knowing that my emotional state was the cause of my physical pain, I was able to work on myself and reach a place where I was feeling good and at peace. As I was doing this healing work, my wrists pain completely disappeared. If it was not for Ranim’s help, I would have accepted the fact that my condition was just the way it is and that I could only alleviate a bit of the pain with some physiotherapist’ sessions. I wouldn’t have known that I could completely cure myself and at the same time enhance my emotional well-being. I also experienced incredible knee pain for 2 to 3 months. At first I thought it was due to squats so I stopped doing them. The pain was still there. I also used the book Heal Your Body and did the healing work without success. So I started to wonder what else could be the cause in the Body-Mind-Spirit realm that would bring me such pain as I deeply believed it was holistically linked to one or more of this Trinity. One morning, I came to the realization that my pain was coming from a type of food in my diet. Indeed I had changed my morning diet several months ago and was now eating mixed nuts in the morning, with a majority of peanuts. Nothing else had changed in my life except that diet and I just had a feeling it was due to it. I reached out to Ranim for confirmation and she explained to me how peanuts contain a toxin that are harmful for the human being. She also suggested right away supplements I could take to alleviate the inflammation. I bought them the same day and in a couple of days using them (and stopping eating peanuts), my knee pain finally started to disappear. It only took 2 weeks for it to go away ! I am so grateful for Ranim to have helped me regain my full mobility and enable me to live a pain-free life !!

- Annick Magbi

During the sisterhood moon retreat I learned how to prepare vegan and raw food for the first time. Ranim taught us the importance of what we put in our bodies and also how to get the most nutritional value out of our food.

I had been skeptical about my ability to make tasty vegan dishes but she guided us through easy, protein packed recipes that were so delicious- I haven’t even been tempted to eat meat since the retreat !

I’ve learned so much from Ranim and realize how much more I need to know to stay healthy, in a world full of chemicals and processed foods. I am definitely looking forward to any upcoming opportunity I have to learn from her!

- Myriam Nikiema

I was very appreciative to have experienced Ranim's magical energy and passion for healing through food at a retreat for a weekend. Ranim created every food item with love and care. Also, while she cooked, she educated us about the healing property of what she was making. For example, she taught us that mushrooms should not be eaten raw and best to be  cooked to release their nutrients.

My weekend with Ranim has been very inspiring to me. It made me rethink of  my eating habit and I realized that I can actually heal our bodies better than pills or any modern medicine. By being aware of what I  consume I can fight depression and other illness.

In a world of "instagram motivators" it was  nice to see Ranim practices what she preaches.

- Finan Abraha

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Love will heal us